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Centra Specialty Hospital FAQs

What is it?

Centra Specialty is licensed as a hospital and specializes in long-term acute care (LTACH) services for adult patients with complicated injuries or illnesses. The average length of stay is 25 days as compared to a 4- to 5- day average in an acute-care hospital. LTACH patients are much sicker and may need cardiac monitoring, multiple IVs or even ventilators. A doctor or a nurse practitioner supervised by the doctor visit LTACH patients on a daily basis.

Who is it for?

Medically complex patients requiring extended care. Some examples of long-term acute care patient types are:

  • Ventilator weaning / trachs
  • Long term parenteral antibiotics
  • Complex wounds / Veraflow wound vac
  • Feeding tube management / TPN
  • Negative air flow room needs
  • Multiple IV medications
  • Complex surgical patients
  • For Medicare patients, 3 midnights of ICU or telemetry or combination of both, does not have to be consecutive.

Who is the attending physician while here?

Centra Specialty has its own physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Care is relinquished to those physicians while here. Patients are rounded on daily at various times during the day. The primary physician works with nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Consulting physicians may be involved with the care and will visit as needed.

What services are provided?

Care is provided by an interdisciplinary team from multiple disciplines. These include respiratory therapy, dietitians, case managers, rehabilitation, pharmacists and nursing. The entire healthcare team is focused on providing care to the medically complex patient requiring a longer length of stay. We also offer the full scope of services that are available in acute-care hospitals, such as radiology, CT scans, MRI, cardiology and laboratory services.

What to expect from Rehabilitation Services?

Most patients receive some type of rehabilitation during their stay. This may include physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech-language (ST) and/or restorative services. Therapy is provided as it is tolerated – some days it may be 15 minutes and other days up to an hour and some days none at all. Because patients at Centra Specialty Hospital often cannot withstand many hours of therapy per day, they receive a slower, more individualized therapy plan that takes into account their complex medical needs. Therapists are on staff Monday – Friday.

What are the visitation guidelines?

Family and friends are welcome to visit you during your stay at Centra Specialty Hospital. Visits with family and friends contribute to the recovery and rehabilitation process. Families are often encouraged to observe and participate in therapy sessions. Visiting hours and the number of visitors allowed at one time are at the discretion of the patient other than between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. During these hours, visitation is limited to one adult visitor per patient. Quiet time is observed from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily to give our patients time to rest. We encourage limited visitation during these hours. Children are welcomed with supervision during regular visiting hours.

Parking is free to visitors and is available adjacent to the facility. We invite your visitors to use the hospital cafeteria, which is located on the second floor of the Mundy building. There are also vending machines on the third floor. Our staff will be happy to direct you to either location. Centra Specialty Hospital only provides meals for our patients.

How to Find Us

Centra Specialty Hospital is a "hospital within a hospital" located on the fifth floor of Virginia Baptist Hospital at 3300 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia 24503.

General Information: or 434.200.1960
Billing & Insurance: or 402.200.3777
Case Management & Tours: 434.200.5547
Referral Information: Fax to 434.200.6616